For us Kids


Despite what you may hear, climate change is real, and people are causing it. It is a serious threat to our planet. But adults seem to just talk, talk, talk. There is, frankly, a lot of hot air about.

PROJECT GENIE will put that right. It is about taking the power out of power stations, and giving it to YOU. It is about reducing electrical charge, and putting YOU in charge. It is about energy – YOURS.

And we have to act NOW. It’s your future.

So what is Project Genie?

Project Genie is YOURS!

Project Genie gives you the facts – so that you can teach your parents – and teach your teachers! It tells you how to take action. YOU will save the planet!

So is it any good?

Other children love it! A class of 10 year olds said:

“It makes me want to save the world and make it a better place to live in.”

“It helps you to realise what we are doing to the world.”

“It’s telling us to stop polluting our world.”

Some teachers and politicians think it’s good too. They said:

“I welcome all steps to engage children on climate change. I am delighted to support this worthwhile project and I wish [Project Genie] every success.”

Gordon Brown, UK Prime Minister

“Everything’s going really well… the children absolutely forbid me to turn on the lights and use the interactive whiteboard and it’s great!”

Sophie Thailand, Teacher, Hackney, London

“Project Genie is achieving tremendous success in educating children about the importance of looking after our planet. Kids are full of great ideas and Project Genie seeks to inspire them to take action and to capture their boundless enthusiasm in a colourful, fun and informative way, which I applaud.”

Boris Johnson, Mayor of London

OK. So what do I get?

  • First, we teach your teacher. They need to keep up with you, after all! We give them stuff they can teach you – making you the experts.
  • An online storybook for you to read – written by award-winning children’s author Hugh Montgomery. Click here to see a sample.
  • Access to specially-made films and music. Click here for the trailer!
  • Amazing gadgets which let you measure the energy you use. Use less and prove how good you’ve been!
  • Loads of good science information!
  • Most importantly, we’ll show you how to save the planet.. and help you do it!

OK. How do I get it?