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Hugh Montgomery, Founder of Project Genie, and Author, The Genie in the Bottle storybook

Hugh Montgomery founded Project Genie in 2003. Hugh is a Professor of Intensive Care Medicine at University College London, and Director of the UCL Institute for Human Health and Performance. He is also a successful author of children’s books (‘The Voyage of the Arctic Tern’ and ‘Cloudsailors’, both from Walker Books) and a science communicator (he gave the five televised Royal Institution Christmas Lectures in 2007, and most recently fronted the documentary ‘The Ghosts of the Mary Rose’).

As a physician and scientist, Hugh understands the immediate and grave threat which Climate Change poses to the next generation, and works actively to assess and address the health impacts of Climate Change. He led the Royal College of Physicians conference ‘Climate change and its impact on health’ (2008), and was an author of the 2009 Lancet/UCL commission report on the health impacts of climate change.

The Genie Story

Project Genie began when Hugh wrote the storybook ‘The Genie in the Bottle’, shortly after the arrival of his first son. The simple science of climate change – understandable even to a child – was being confused. Adults showed little effort or ability to make the changes necessary to limit greenhouse gas emissions. And it would be this generation of schoolchildren who would face the consequences.

Thus, Project Genie was born – ‘Letting the Children Take Charge’. Project Genie aims to EDUCATE the next generation about climate change, and EMPOWER them to ACT to reduce greenhouse gases emissions. It’s goal is to produce a rapid, meaningful and sustained reduction in those emissions through changes in behavior of the children, and of the adults they influence.

The Genie Team

Dr Jack Kreindler, Chief Technical Officer, and Director, The Genie in the Bottle animation

Jack has led parallel careers in medicine and technology for 18 years. He has been responsible for architecting and founding several major online ventures and health informatics systems that have come out of the UK including Vielife (a Cigna company), Dictate.IT (largest outsourced transcription provider to the NHS) and h2g2.com (BBC). Jack has special interests in high altitude medicine and health risk management and is the founder member of the pioneering team of doctors and scientists at 76 Harley Street. Jack was a student of Hugh Montgomery, and years later a shared love of mountains and concern for the environment led Jack to join Project Genie.

Jack’s role in Project Genie is advising on technical strategy and directing web and digital media projects, including projectgenie.org.uk, the teachers education materials portal and most recently the animated film version of the Genie in the Bottle. Delivering efficient, future-proofed results at a fraction of the usual time and cost is Jack’s trademark. By using the same cutting-edge technologies and brilliant creative and engineering teams Project Genie continues to achieve the same results, rapidly, economically and sustainably.

Nell Crowden MA, Project Manager, and Producer, The Genie in the Bottle animation

Nell became part of the Genie Team through her research into health and climate change at UCL in 2009. Nell read History of Medicine (MA) at University College London, and Classical Studies (BA) at King’s College London. Through studying cultures and civilizations over the centuries, combined with an keen interest in medicine, it became apparent to her how exceptional the threat of climate change is to the wellbeing of our global environment and global health.

Shannon Harmon MSc, Science Copywriter and Events Manager

Shannon’s interest in Project Genie stemmed from her acquaintance with Nell Crowden during her MSc studies in 2008-2009 at Imperial College London and UCL in the History of Science, Medicine and Technology. Shannon has a background in science writing and editing for several projects and scientific magazines and will continue this role at Project Genie. Along with her writing and research, Shannon is an active participant in helping the world become a more sustainable place.

Sakhi Mallya MA, Business Manager

Sakhi’s academic background lies in business and the Arts. She completed her undergraduate degree in Business Management at King’s College London in 2008 and her MA in Art Business from the Sotheby’s Institute of Art in 2009. This is her first foray into environmental sustainability and she looks forward to contributing to a project that recognises the importance of a long-term solution to climate change; one that sows the seed of change in younger generations so that it blooms in the years to come.

Duncan Depledge MPhil, Science Copywriter and IT Manager

Duncan joined the Project Genie Team with a rich background of interdisciplinary study. He read History (BA) and Political Theory (MA) at the University of Sheffield, before completing his MPhil in Geographical Research at the University of Cambridge. Duncan is inspired by the philosophers of the Enlightenment and Early Modern Europe, especially with regard to ideas about the pursuit of progress and the belief that human beings can always better their situation. He hopes that by contributing to Project Genie he will be able to help younger generations understand the need to address the human drivers of climate change before it is too late!

The Genie Creative Team (details coming soon!)

Matt Murphy

Monica Bratt

Rachel Whiting

Sany Huttler

Stuart Earl

Gareth Davies

Genie Partners

The Genie Science partners provide Genie with the most up to date science, ensuring that the content of our teaching materials is of the highest quality.

The UK Meteorological Office provide Genie with the most up to date climate science.

The University College London Environment Institute provide Genie with the most up to date environmental science, and are kindly hosting the Genie office from April – September 2010

Microsoft supported the creation of the website and The Genie in the Bottle animation.

The Global Cool Foundation supported the delivery of Project Genie during beta-testing, and the roll out to the UK pilot Local Authority.

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